Trailbuilder Preview Video

I put a quick edit together of a few sections of each trail from Zack’s POV while we were testing out trail features last week. It gives a good idea of the feel of the trail while they get the final tweaks and finish up the final stretch of trail. Looking like April for trail opening, but no set date yet. Please don’t go try to ride the trail yet- we’re all itching to ride it, but wait just a little longer while they get it all done right so nobody tears up what they’re building still.

Key points for the trail:

Mountain biking only on the bike trails, no hikers or runners, and same thing the other way- we have to stay off the hiking trails.

There will be a trailhead just for the bike trails. Not sure what facilities and such will be there yet.

The roughly 8 miles of trail are split into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. Beginner closest to the trailhead, then intermediate sections behind them, and advanced behind that.

Now check out the video:

Jeremy King