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Walk-Ins welcome

Sometimes you know when your bicycle will need attention, a lot of times you don't. Bring it to us! If we can fix it on the spot, we will do so. We can do a variety of repairs while you wait.  The sooner we know you need help, the sooner you can be out riding!

Service Packages

Your bicycle should be brought in for service every 1,000 miles, or so. Based on our experience, even the most recreational miles ridden in the best weather conditions result in your bicycle needing attention. Packages are the most popular option to keep your bike rolling.


Labor A La Carte

There are plenty of things we can do to your bike to make it like you want it, so don't be afraid to ask us to fix something.  There's also only the need to do one small thing to fix a little annoying sound or feeling, so we offer services A La Carte.

Prices are labor only - parts are not included

Wheels, Tires, Tubes, Tubeless, Hubs

Flat tire - $10 on-bike, $5 wheel-in-hand
Tire Install - $10 on-bike, $5 wheel-in-hand (can be combined w/ a flat tire service for free)
Tubeless clean out & fill - $20 per wheel
Tubeless set-up (Stan’s rim tape included) - $30 per wheel
Wheel True - $20 per wheel, $2+ per broken spoke
Hub Service - $10 adjustment, $20 overhaul (remove to clean, regrease, install and adjust)

Brakes, drivetrain, Bottom bracket

Brake Pad Adjustment - $10 per wheel
Brake Pad Replacement & Set-up - $10 per wheel
Brake Bleed Top-off - $20 per caliper
Brake Bleed Flush & Fill - $30 per caliper
Chain Clean & Lube - $10 w/ shop chain lube
Shifting Adjustment - $10
New Chain Install - $10 (includes clean & lube of new chain)
Bottom Bracket Replacement - $10
Bottom Bracket Overhaul - $20 loose bearing BB (clean, regrease, install and adjust)